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Laser Pocket Disinfection

Periolase technologyLaser Pocket Disinfection (LPD) is a painless, patient friendly deep cleaning procedure.

Using the PerioLase MVP-7 Dental Laser, we can target and destroy the toxins and bacteria that lead to inflammation and gum disease.


•  Early stages of periodontal disease, gingivitis or inflamed gums
•  Bacteria accumulation in gum pockets


•  Kills bacteria and disrupts biofilm to reduce inflammation
•  No shots needed
•  Maintain healthy gums and avoid progression of gum disease
•  No antibiotics needed, avoids antibiotic resistance
•  The laser can reach and destroy bacteria up to 6 millimeters beyond the surface to help prevent bacteria from spreading back into the pocket
•  Safe for medically compromised patients, those on blood thinners or with diabetes

Technology & Materials

•  LANAP – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedures, Nd: YAG Millenium® laser

Useful Pearl

As a LANAP Certified Clinic, we are proud to offer this innovative treatment. This PerioLase is the only dental laser specifically designed for better periodontal health. The unique wavelength targets the bacteria that causes gum disease for minimally invasive, highly effective treatment.

By removing the inflammation, your body has the energy to heal naturally. The laser light kills bacteria and creates a clean, environment for healing.
If you have gingivitis, LPD can help reverse symptoms. LPD can also be used to treat patients on a perio-maintence program.
Not at all! LPS is quick and painless. If you are very sensitive, a topical anesthetic may be used.
There are no known side-effects of LPD in over 25 years of therapy, just bigger smiles! The treatment is safe for use around crowns, bridges, sealants, and implants.
LPD is beneficial to patients who have recently had surgery, or are scheduled to have surgery to reduce bacteria that may enter the bloodstream.
Gum disease has been linked to serious health concerns including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-term birth, certain cancers, and more.

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LANAP Laser Treatment

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