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Non-Surgical Procedures

A smiling man in a dental chairRegular dental cleanings are sufficient for patients who don’t have bone loss, gum disease, or oral infections. But it might be recommended that you visit more often for periodontal maintenance if you have early signs of these problems: infection pockets deeper than 4 millimeters, bleeding, mobility of the teeth, gum recession, or gaps that expose the roots of the teeth.

Laser Pocket Disinfection

Laser Pocket Disinfection (LPD) is a painless, patient friendly deep cleaning procedure. Using the PerioLase MVP-7 Dental Laser, we can target and destroy the toxins and bacteria that lead to inflammation and gum disease.

Non-Surgical Therapy

A new, minimally-invasive treatment for periodontal disease. Traditionally, the more aggressive treatment option for people suffering from the advanced stages of periodontal disease was surgery.

Periodontal Maintenance

As experts in periodontics, our team at Glen Perio is dedicated to helping you maintain or improve your periodontal health. This usually includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease. After the successful treatment of gum disease, periodontal maintenance is a necessity.

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