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Sinus Augmentation
Glenview, IL

Sinus Lift Surgery - Moving sinus membrane 3D illustration in Glenview office.For a dental implant to be successful, you must have sufficient quality and quantity of bone for the implant placement. Sometimes, sinus augmentation or a sinus lift is needed to develop the bone necessary for the restoration.


•  Missing teeth can cause bone deterioration, especially if the molars of the upper jaw are extracted
•  Gum disease can also contribute to the development of bone loss
•  If teeth have been missing for a while, there often isn’t enough bone for implant placement
•  Sometimes, the sinuses are too close to the upper jaw for implant placement


•  Sinus augmentation can open up the space needed for proper bone development
•  Improving the quality and quantity of bone in the jaw creates the foundation needed for implant placement
•  The sinuses can be lifted to raise the sinus floor and prepare the area for future implant treatments

Useful Pearl

Tooth extraction can result in bone loss because the bone is reabsorbed back into the body. If the maxillary sinus is too close to the implant placement site, then a skilled surgeon can reshape the sinus cavity to prepare the area for dental implants.

Further Information On Sinus Lift Surgery & Sinus Augmentation

When you are missing back teeth (molars) in the upper jaw, the combination of bone reabsorption and low sinus cavities can affect your opportunity for dental implants. The back areas of the upper jaw contain a smaller amount of bone compared to the lower jaw. This bone loss can be reversed with proper treatment, often paired with a sinus lift.

Scans are used to identify the width and height of your existing bone to determine the extent of treatment that is required. During the procedure, the surgeon opens the affected area and packs the lower area of the sinus with bone graft material. Over time, the grafted material will fuse with your bone, creating a stronger foundation that can support a dental implant four to nine months later.

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